The CHRONISTER trilogy

Karen is leading a pretty normal existence, until the mysterious Thomas Chronister appears and becomes a part of her life. Karen feels like he is hiding something from her and she is absolutely determined to find out what it is. When Karen finally discovers his miraculous secret, she slowly but surely seems to get stuck in his bizarre world, until she reaches a point from where there is no turning back…



vb-the-chronister-cliffSeventeen year old Karen Eason has lost her parents at young age. But thanks to her brother Jake, she is more than okay now. Everything seems to be going perfectly fine for young Karen, until the unusual Thomas Chronister comes along. Even though he seems like an ordinary, surprisingly friendly young man at first, Karen is sure that he is hiding something. She does everything within her power to find out what his secret is. However, what Karen doesn’t know yet, is that his secret will change her entire life forever…

ISBN 978 1 291 99922 8

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vb Chronister's CurseWhen Thomas Chronister decides to leave town, Karen’s world shatters. Every single day, she struggles to get through it. When she finally seems to be able to go on without Thomas and his peculiar secrets, strange things start happening at her school. Her youngest brother Malcolm is convinced that their new classmate James has something to do with it, but Karen doesn’t want to have anything to do with supernatural, unusual occurrences anymore. Malcolm desperately begs her to listen to him. He is sure that the only person who can help them is Thomas Chronister. Even though Karen never wants to see him again, Malcolm forces her to help him find Thomas, before it’s too late…

ISBN 978 1 365 43020 6

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(English title unknown)

vb-de-laatste-chronisterNow that Karen Eason finally managed to graduate, she decides to take some time off. She is going on a vacation with Thomas and Malcolm. At least, that is what she wants the outside world to think.
In reality, Karen, Malcolm and Thomas are going on this so-called vacation to do some research with Matthew. However, their journey takes a frightening turn when they find out what their biggest enemy – even in his current condition – is capable of. When they discover that one of Karen’s loved ones is in danger, they do everything they can to save them, even though this might turn out to be an impossible task…

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(English title unknown)

vb MaanweesDuring her vacation, Noa quickly discovers that things will be different this year. Her friend Stanley is acting strangely and doesn’t seem to want to tell her what’s wrong. However, this problem is overshadowed by the wild animals that are terrorizing the island by killing residents and tourists. Or are the ones behind these murders people after all?

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